Understanding Astral Meeting Place art

My aim is to create a visual prompt for  connection from the natural world to the spiritual plane, I produce a  piece of art that represents the place for loved ones to meet remotely. 

This was initially the idea of an author  and client (now dear friend) who had lost a son and a husband through  suicide.  She asked me to create a piece of art that would represent a  ‘remote meeting place’ for her and her son which would include visual  clues, memories and triggers to aid her meditation and remote viewing.  This was to be somewhere she imagined connecting and talking with him. Imagined is not the word she would  use….she meets with her son, she has sat with him and talked with him in  surroundings of serenity and love.  It is an absolute and unique  address where she can find him when she seeks his company, where she can  see him as he was and is now perhaps, to occasionally find answers to  questions but more as a celebration of their life together, to feel him  near her. Astral Temples are not religious  shrines, they are a visual cue for remote viewing, a meeting place.  

Memorial Art need not even represent a person or pet that has passed,  this can also be something to help stimulate your mind to aid with a  long-distance remote connection to someone with whom you are separated  by circumstance or geography or time. This is something I cannot produce  alone.  We create this together, the end result being a piece of art by  the two of us, a co-production. I explain the process thoroughly in my  video on the Astral Temple page of this website.  Thank you for  watching, if you are interesting in creating and owning something like  this, do feel free to call me for a chat. 

Step One - First Consultation

Step One - First Consultation

Initially there is a short consultation – usually a telephone or Skype call and there is no charge for this. We discuss what you think you are  looking for.  Sometimes you might have already had an ‘astral meeting’,  perhaps even a guided one, sadly, this is not a talent I process or part  of the necessary process,  but it is immensely helpful if you have some  ideas about the place/address that represents your meeting room.  

We  talk a little about the person you want to meet and what is it that  triggers you to visualise where you see yourself meeting them.  This  place can be anything from a mountain cave, a forest or beautiful lake, a  bedroom or train station to sitting on a sliver of moon or swinging  from a star.  This his or her unique address, it doesn’t have to be  bound by natural rules and is sometimes more exciting and individual if  it isn’t. It will be very obvious in the first ten  minutes of our chat if we think we are right for each other, if we can  work together to produce our unique artwork and if not, nothing is  lost.  If it feels right, we quickly talk about budget and timescale and  then we leave at least a week to think more in depth about what we have  discussed.

Step Two

Step 2 - Second Consultation

If it is a ‘YES’ on both sides, during this week or so, I will go ahead  with some very rough sketches and have a list of further questions ready  for our second consultation.  This has a nominal charge attached as it  will take some time to work on these things for you. This consultation  will last at least 45 minutes and will involve me drawing out your  preferences on colour, style, size, medium and more importantly trying  to get really specific about the meeting place cues.  I will ask  questions like, “When you are at the address of your husband, you said  there were stones in front of the pool, are these tiny like gravel or  large boulders? Grey or covered in moss, how far do they reach to the  left or right, are they in semi-darkness or bright light and are they  reflected in the water?”.  

We must get it right at this stage as I will  next be making far more in depth sketches or a maquette (smaller model)  in the case of 3D work that will resemble the final work.  You will need  to make your mind up at this point, if you are confident that we are on  the same wavelength, that you like the style I am suggesting and that I  am really creating your vision. We will now have agreement on cost of  the final piece.

Step 3

Step 3 - Produce and discuss final sketches or Maquette

This can be done in person or on Skype.  You may have to answer many  more questions. The call is recorded for reference and destroyed if you  wish once the artwork is yours. Due to the work involved in research and  painting/modelling, I will require 50% payment in advance for time and  materials to produce this stage.
We spend however long you need on this call / visit to tweak the design,  to add more detail and you can change your mind many times in this  visit, I want you to be sure this is exactly what you envisage.  If  another maquette has to be made for my peace of mind I will do this free  of charge.  I want something that you will love to own.  I want  something that works for you that you will treasure.  I want you to say  when you see it, that I have reached into your mind and given you more  than you even thought of.  This is my intent.

Step Four

Step Four - The Unveiling - Your Final Artwork Collected or Shipped:

Will be produced to whatever timescale we have agreed.  We will arrange for you to collect or for me to deliver  by person if possible and I will be paid the outstanding 50% at this  time. If you are not in this country or if you wish for it to be  shipped, then I will show you the finished article (photographed and  also live over Skype) and I will let you know how much it will cost for  shipping. 

Then….happy dreaming!   Enjoy your  unique piece and peace that you have really created yourself as much as I  have been the instrument.


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